If there was ever one place which made the rest of Primordia look tame, it would be the Valley of Thunder. Named for its inhabitants ability to shake the very ground with their strides, the valley is filled with immense beasts thought long extinct, somehow able to freely roam around as though time had forgotten them. Even dragons find themselves evenly matched in size against such monstrosities, and if that were not bad enough, roaming packs of vicious lizards and other mighty beasts roam this valley looking for their next meal with single minded intent.

The landscape is a mixture of giant ferns and fertile soil, washed in by the rains which soak these lands with a wicked ferocity every few hours, then halting just as suddenly to make way for the blazing heat that seems even worse than usual in Primordia. While not as intimidating, the insects here are annoying and extremely distracting, causing more than a few adventurers to attract unwanted attention to themselves as they try and shoo some sparrow sized mosquito away, only to find that they've attracted the attention of a lizard the size of a house, who's just worked out what he's going to have for dinner.

Sublocation of Primordia.


TRAP TYPES: Mechanical AP Drain, Magical AP Drain, Natural Wound, Ambush Wound, Ambush Theft