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The Warmasters of the Mountain Kingdoms protect the settlements of the Humans from the day to day threats while the Sky Guard are off chasing glory. Were it not for the Warmasters, their cities would have fallen long ago, and the deeds of many a mighty leader at the head of a squad of well trained soldiers are the stuff of legends. Warmaster's, while not on active duty, often take up adventuring as a way to train up their soldiers and finance improved equipment.

Learning to function as a viable fighting force is what keeps the regular soldiers like these able to compete with the more horrific monstrosities that plague the lands (and also the ones that guard the best treasure). Once they attract enough coin, he'll be able to financially attract better troops to his cause, and outfit them with the best weapons, thus securing him a place in the most prestigious place on the battlefield, the war-tent with the other generals.

Warmaster's of sufficient rank are often released temporarily from their sworn duty to protect the homelands of their kin. The fires that keep their people warm and safe at night are almost viewed as sacred to these soldiers, who see it as a symbol of the civilization they are to protect, however they realize that part of what keeps their kingdom strong is for its champions to return relics, wealth and glory to their lords.


  • Hearthfire Hold Garrison
  • Groldar Garrison
  • Meadowbrook Army


Weapon Name AR Bonus Cost
Cudgels 8 N/A
Cudgels with Nails 16 300
Cruddy Spears 24 600
Decent Spears 32 1,100
Sharpened Spears 40 2,300
Crude Longswords 48 4,100
Decent Longswords 56 6,800
Iron Longswords 64 10,800
Steel Longswords 72 16,100
Runesteel Spears 80 23,000
Heavy Runesteel Spears 88 31,300
Runesteel Double Pikes 96 41,300
Wicked Runesteel Halberds 104 53,000
Runesteel Longswords 112 66,500
Runesteel Scimitars 120 82,100
Runesteel Bastard Swords 128 100,000
Hearthforged Runesteel Longswords 136 120,300
Durable Hearthforged Runesteel Scimitars 144 143,200
Ornate Hearthforged Runesteel Bastard Swords 152 168,700
Light Mithril Warblades 160 197,100
Light Mithril Halberds 168 228,200
Mithril Warblades 176 262,000
Mithril Halberds 184 305,600
Mithril Crimson Guard Warblades 192 427,400
Mastercraft Mithril Crimson Guard Warblades 200 755,000


Weapon Name AR Bonus Cost
Thick Clothing 8 N/A
Padding Clothing and Buckler Shields 16 300
Reinforced Clothing and Buckler Shields 24 600
Light Chainmail and Medium Shields 32 1,100
Durable Chainmail and Medium Shields 40 2,300
Well Padded Chainmail and Large Shields 48 4,100
Double Link Chainmail and Large Shields 56 6,800
Full body Chainmail and Large Shields 64 10,800
Double Link Full Chain and Large Shields 72 16,100
Light Runesteel Mail and Buckler Shields 80 23,000
Light Runesteel Chainmail and Medium Shields 88 31,300
Light Runsteeel Bandedmail and Large Shields 96 41,300
Runesteel Mail and Large Shields 104 53,000
Runesteel Double Chain and Tower Shields 112 66,500
Runesteel Light Plate and Tower Shields 120 82,100
Ornate Runesteel Light Plate and Tower Shields 128 100,00
Hearthforged Runesteel Platemail and Buckler Shields 136 120,300
Hearthforged Runesteel Field Plate and Medium Shields 144 143,200
Hearthforged Runesteel Full Plate and Tower Shields 152 168,700
Mithril Mail and Small Round Shields 160 197,100
Mithril Heavy Mail and Medium Shields 168 228,200
Mithril Light Plate and Large Shields 176 262,000
Mithril Platemail and Large Shields 184 305,600
Mithril Crimson Guard Mail and Large Shields 192 427,400
Mithril Crimson Guard Banded Mail and Large Shields 200 755,000

Primary SupportEdit

Support Name AR/DR Bonus Cost
Band of Untrained Louts 16 N/A
Band of Barely Trained Louts 32 600
Band of Burly Louts 48 1,700
Band of Seasoned Louts 64 4,100
Standard Militia 96 13,400
Trained Militia 112 25,400
Well Trained Militia 128 42,100
Seasoned Militia 144 63,800
Squad of Recruit Soldiers 176 111,000
Squad of Seasoned Soldiers 192 157,800
Squad of Veteran Soldiers 208 208,000
Squad of Elite Soldiers 224 263,900
Phalanx of Seasoned Warriors 256 367,500
Phalanx of Mighty Warriors 272 464,800
Phalanx of Hardened Veterans 288 564,300
Phalanx of Elite Warriors 304 670,600
Legion of Re-Formed Crimson Guard 336 853,700
Legion of Seasoned Crimson Guard 352 1,018,500
Legion of Crimson Guard Veterans 368 1,207,600
Legion of Elite Crimson Guard 384 1,702,100

Secondary SupportEdit

Support Name AR/DR Bonus Cost
Squad Armband 16 N/A
Small Banner 30 2,600
Tall Banner of Honor 60 23,600
Large Banner of Honor 90 85,000
Crimson Banner of War 120 211,500
Glorious Crimson Guard Standard 150 917,700

Ultimate ItemsEdit

PRIMARY ARMAMENT (+ AR to start, + AR per upgrade)

PRIMARY PROTECTION (+ DR to start, + DR per upgrade)

PRIMARY SUPPORT (+ AR/DR to start, + AR/DR per upgrade)

SECONDARY SUPPORT (+ AR/DR to start, + AR/DR per upgrade)

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