Xaivann and Xaishann are (according to the story) two Outworlders that claimed themselves gods and where eventually bansihed but there legacys still resound:

Elevated Avatar of Xaishann

  • According to the story: Xaivann or "Shu'Roi"in the Moon Elf language is one of the Self Proclaimed Gods who was actually killed when his temple was attacked, This particular being is hated by all modern Moon Elves. Now his Cult attracts many humans from near by settlements, and they congregate in his Decrepid Temple.
  • According to the Story: Xaishann Was Xaivann's Mother or lover, or both. This particular being was not killed but seemed to simply disapear, Not much else is known. Her temple is in better condition tha Xaivann's, and the Cultists here seem to have accuired some magical capability.

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